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Are you finding yourself like almost every other marketer or website owner and have way too many URLs to promote? Best Url Rotator knows what a hassle it can be to try to advertise all of those URLs at once.

With Best Url Rotator you can promote all of your personal websites right along with all of your affiliate program URLs by sending all of your advertising to just 1 URL!

Its simple, when you use this rotator system...
Everytime someone visits your personal Best Url Rotator URL they will be directed to one of your submitted websites or affiliate programs. When they come back they will see a different one of your websites or affiliate programs!

You can use an UNLIMITED amount of URLs in your rotator.
You can also set just how often each of your rotated URLs show.

Free accounts do have a small ad space that is placed in the rotator bar above all submitted websites. To get rid of this rotator bar, you can upgrade your account to Pro status for a very small fee. Remember that a Free account is NO different. You will still have all the features of the Pro version but you will not have the rotator bar, and small ad space when the rotator page loads.

What are you waiting for? it's FREE!

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Remember, this is not a traffic exchange or traffic generating program. Best Url Rotator is a program to help you organize all of your URLs into ONE easy to advertise URL.

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